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Graduate Medical Education at Sacred Heart

Visiting Medical Students and Residents

[photo] Doctor examining a patient.Sacred Heart Health System is proud to provide academic training for visiting residents and medical students throughout the hospital system. Please see below for application and onboarding details.

Affiliation Agreement

For all visiting rotations at Sacred Heart Health System, we must first have an Affiliation Agreement in place with your institution.  If you do not know if your school or hospital has an agreement with Sacred Heart, please contact your student coordinator or Sacred Heart GME (contact information below).  If there is no agreement currently in place, please allow up to eight weeks to process one. An agreement must be signed by both parties before any rotation begins.  Sacred Heart uses the AAMC Affiliation Agreement along with an implementation letter for signature. 

4th Year Medical Student Audition Rotations

If you are a 4th year medical student interested a clinical rotation experience with the University of Florida Ob/Gyn Residency Program or University of Florida Pediatrics Residency Program, please search on VSAS ( University of Florida COM - Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola.

If you are a 4th year medical student looking to complete a clinical rotation experience with the University of Florida Internal Medicine Residency Program, please contact Sacred Heart Hospital’s Medical Student Academic Coordinator, Lynne Caples, at 850-416-1181 or Please include your curriculum vitae, COMLEX certificate (score must be over 500 for consideration), as well as a brief explanation of what encouraged you to apply for a rotation at Sacred Heart Hospital.

[photo] Two doctors reviewing documents.Onboarding Requirements for Visiting Residents and Medical Students

Contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator ( ) to determine if your preferred rotation time is available. Once your qualifications and rotation times are approved by Sacred Heart, the following items must be submitted by email to the Medical Student Academic Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of your rotation. Please review all policies carefully before signing and submitting.

  • Completed and signed Sacred Heart GME documents: 1) Application, 2) Confidentiality and Access Agreement, and3) Electronic Signature Agreement (click here to download a pdf of all three)
  • Letter in good standing from your school or institution
  • Course goals and objectives (if available)
  • Certificate of insurance liability coverage of $1 million/$3 million
  • Certificate of a criminal background check within 1 year of rotation
  • Certificate of BLS/CPR training
  • Certificate of a 10-panel drug screen within 1 year of rotation
  • Current color photograph
  • Immunization record (click here for AAMC immunization template, if needed) to include:
    • 2 MMR's (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
    • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) every 10 years
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses)
    • 2-Step TB skin test with annual 1-step followups – If only 1 TB is recorded, the 2nd will be offered at Sacred Heart before rotation. Current positive TB tests must attach appropriate documentation for latent infection. Prior positive TB results must provide appropriate documentation, including a current chest x-ray and treatment plan, to ensure the student is currently asymptomatic.
    • Varicella Vaccine (2 doses)
    • Annual Flu shot, current at time of rotation, or student can get the shot at Sacred Heart
  • Sacred Heart required online orientation: , and choose "Online Orientation for Agency, Contract, Students, Interns, and Joint Ventures". Click on "Students and Instructors". Complete the courses marked with an "X" and submit certificates or proof of completion (screen shots are fine) via email to Click here for a pdf of External Education Quick Reference Guide.
  • Rotating Medical Student Policies, click here for pdf of policies (medical students only)
  • Current Florida Resident Training license (residents only) Please note that Florida requirements have recently changed to include fingerprinting requirements for a resident training license. Please allow extra time for processing.

Upon arrival you will have 3 days to complete N-95 fit testing at Sacred Heart. Click here for instructions on how to get your N-95 fit testing and training. A delay or failure to complete the required training, may result in a delayed or cancelled rotation.

Sacred Heart Identification Badges

A Sacred Heart ID badge is required to begin your rotation and will provide access to specific locations throughout the hospital. If your badge does not provide proper access, or you find your rotation requires additional access, please contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator (contact information below) who will request access from Security. Your Sacred Heart ID must be worn at all times and clearly visible during your rotation, per Sacred Heart Health System policy HR6.11.

Visiting residents are required to obtain a photo ID from Security before beginning their rotation. An appointment will be made for you by the Medical Student Academic Coordinator with Security in the Carmel Heights Building, 5225 Carmel Heights Road, Pensacola, FL 32504 (see campus map). Appointments to get your ID are preferred, and can only be made by the Coordinator between 8:00 - 9:00AM Monday through Friday. If you are unable to get your badge during this time, please let the Coordinator know.  Your rotation cannot begin without your Sacred Heart photo ID.

Visiting medical students will receive a temporary Medical Student ID from the Medical Student Academic Coordinator located in the Trinity Building, 5375 N Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32504. You will receive an email with a more specific appointment time to pick up your ID, depending on your rotation.  Temporary Medical Student IDs MUST be returned to the Medical Student Academic Coordinator in the Trinity Building when your rotation ends.  Please notify the Medical Student Academic Coordinator (contact information below) if you anticipate a problem in returning the ID.

Campus Maps and Parking

If you have not been on campus before, please click here for a campus map, hospital map, and parking guidelines.  If needed, a parking sticker will be provided to medical students and a resident hangtag will be provided for residents. We are currently beginning construction of our new Studer Family Children’s Hospital and parking locations may be changing, so be sure to park in a designated area or check with the Medical Student Coordinator for any questions.

Computer Access at Sacred Heart Health System

Computer logins for the software needed to complete your rotation will be provided via secure email prior to beginning your rotation.  If you have troubles with your access or passwords, call the Sacred Heart help desk, 850-416-7400 (7400 on campus).  If you find that you do not have access to software that you need, or your access has expired, please contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator (contact information below) to place the request. Access requests may take up to a few days to process.

White Coats

As a training facility, Sacred Heart is pleased to host many learning levels of individuals who are eager to participate and learn about medicine and health care. With different levels of learning comes different levels of responsibility that are offered to the individual, and Sacred Heart wants to ensure that everyone on the health care team is properly identified according to their responsibility level.  Therefore, to maximize patient safety and the patient’s healthcare experience, medical students are required to wear short (mid-hip length) white coats, while residents should wear the longer (mid-thigh, or knee length) white coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is public transportation available? Yes! Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) has stops at the main streets that surround Sacred Heart's campus. Go to the ECAT link for more information, . ECAT also has convenient phone apps for bus tracking.
  • Do you have any housing for short term rotations? We can provide contact information for nearby housing, but there are no assurances of availability. Please contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator for details. There may also be discounts at local hotels and suites.
  • Does Sacred Heart have a gym we can use? There are no gyms specifically for associates or students at Sacred Heart, but our campus is located in an area with several gyms nearby. You may want to check with your preceptor or others you work with for their suggestions.
  • Can your office help with travel arrangements? Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with making travel reservations. However, Sacred Heart Health System is located conveniently near the Pensacola airport, so any flights into Pensacola with hotel accommodations near the airport will also be near Sacred Heart. There are many other accommodations throughout the city or near the beach, depending on your budget.
  • Does Sacred Heart's ID come with any funds for food or other expenses while on the rotation? Sacred Heart's medical student ID will only provide door access to the areas of the hospital that are needed for the specific rotation. There is no additional funding for food or any other expenses placed on the ID.
  • Do you offer rotations for international students?  The only option we have available for international students is an Observership, where the student will learn exclusively by observing a physician preceptor. There is limited availability, and no credit can be offered for this rotation. Please contact the Medical Student Academic Coordinator for more details.
  • Sacred Heart is a Tobacco-Free campus. No exceptions!

Documents, Forms, & Resources

All pdfs associated with applying and onboarding at Sacred Heart Health System. See instructions above.

Contact Information:

Sacred Heart Graduate Medical Education
Medical Student Academic Coordinator
Lynne Caples, MS, D.Bioethics
Phone: 850.416.1181
Fax:      850.416.1930
Office:   5375 N Ninth Ave. Trinity Building; Pensacola, FL 32504

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