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Before Your Big Day Arrives

During your hospital stay at Sacred Heart, you and your baby can expect the best and most personalized care in the region.

To help prepare you for your stay and to ensure that your time with us is as comfortable as possible, we’ve provided you with an overview of the details that need to be taken care of in advance of your stay.

In addition, we’ve included a childbirth preparation checklist to help make sure that all the details of your childbirth experience have been taken care of. (Click Here to Download the checklist).

When the big day or night arrives, we’ll be ready – and so will you!

Childbirth Facilities Tours

One of the best ways to prepare for childbirth is to take a tour of Sacred Heart Women’s Hospital to become familiar with your childbirth environment. We encourage you to schedule a tour of our unique childbirth and Neonatal Intensive Care facilities. Regularly scheduled tours occur as part of Sacred Heart’s Prepared Childbirth classes and are also offered once a month outside of the class,

Hospital Arrangements & Pre-Admission

In most cases, your doctor’s office will automatically notify us that you would like to deliver your child at Sacred Heart Women’s Hospital. But, for your peace of mind, please check with your doctor regarding your hospital arrangements.

After your doctor notifies us that you would like to deliver your baby at Sacred Heart, you will need to fill out a hospital registration form. For your convenience, we have provided an online version of this form for you. (Click Here to Download the Form). Just print out and complete the form and mail it to the following address:

Sacred Heart Health System
ATTN: Patient Access
P.O. Box 2488
Pensacola, FL 32513-9982

This will greatly speed up your admissions process on your big day. Once this information has been reviewed, your personal Inpatient Accounts Representative will send you a letter confirming your planned admission. He or she will also be able to tell you what your expected payment will be. If you have any questions on pre-admission, please call us at 850-416-2229 (BABY).

Preparing for Anesthesia and Epidurals

Sacred Heart Women’s Hospital provides 24-hour anesthesia and epidural coverage to ease your pain and make you more comfortable during childbirth.

If you plan to use anesthesia during the birth of your child, you will need to view a mandatory film on the procedure as well as complete your medical chart prior to your seventh month of pregnancy. We also offer monthly classes on epidural education that are led by one of our anesthesiologists.

Choosing Your Baby’s Doctor

To give your baby the healthiest start possible, we recommend that, prior to your baby’s birth, you choose the doctor who will care for your little one during your hospital stay and beyond.

A visit to the pediatrician before you deliver will enable you to ask questions regarding breastfeeding, scheduled versus demand feeding, check-ups, and immunizations.

In addition, your baby needs to be seen by his or her pediatrician after you leave the hospital.

If you need advice on choosing a pediatrician for your baby, please call (850) 416-1600 and Sacred Heart can provide you with a list of pediatricians.


Circumcision is a common, minor surgical procedure for newborn boys to remove the foreskin of the penis. The choice for circumcision is your personal decision and arrangements for circumcision should be made with your baby’s pediatrician before delivery.

Your baby’s physician will discuss with you the possible risks and benefits associated with circumcision and will have you sign a consent form prior to the procedure.

Insurance Coverage for Your Newborn

You will need to establish insurance coverage for your newborn baby as soon as possible after birth as to avoid any unnecessary additional financial expenses and/or delays with services that may be needed for your baby. Please discuss this with your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns.

Car Seats

Before you may leave the hospital with your new little one, you will need to bring a car seat for the safety of your new baby. Before your due date, please purchase your car seat and become familiar with it before you arrive at the hospital. Every car seat has its own unique instructions, and they can be frustrating to use without practice.

What to Pack

Several weeks before your due date, pack your bag with at least one nightgown, a robe, slippers and toiletries. You will also want to bring your baby’s special blanket and going-home outfit.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a checklist for you to make sure you’ve got everything you need on your special day. (Click Here to Download the Checklist).

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