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Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart Clinic at Walgreens. We welcome your comments and questions.

  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.
  • We check emails sent through Web site Mondays through Fridays. Please allowing longer process time during holidays.
  • The Sacred Heart Clinic at Walgreens is a "walk-in" service and does not accept appointments by email or by phone but you reserve your spot in line by clicking the "Get In Line Now" button associated with each location on the home page.
  • If you require assistance regarding your medical records, please call the Sacred Heart Medical Records Office at 850-416-7606.
  • Please note that Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations that were managed by Take Care Health Systems are no longer operating inside the Walgreens locations where Sacred Heart Clinics now operate in. To obtain a copy of your Walgreens Healthcare Clinic/Take Care Health Services medical records, or to request that a copy be sent to another healthcare provider, pleaseĀ click here.

Please provide a number where you can be reached between 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Sacred Heart Clinic at Walgreens is a "walk-in" service and does not accept appointments by email or by phone.


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